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Survival Guide

Don’t know where to rent a movie after 10pm? Need to buy flowers for your Esperanza date? Trying to ship your dirty laundry home to Mom? There are a lot of basics that you can take care of on campus, but eventually you will have to venture beyond the hedges. This Survival Guide will direct you to pharmacies, grocery stores, video rental stores, and other helpful places. Watch for the symbols that indicate locations in the Village or late hours.

Getting Around


Free with your METRO U Pass. Taking the bus is quick and painless. It takes a single bus ride to get to the Galleria or Downtown. See ridemetro.org for routes.
University at Main

  • 34 Montrose Crosstown
  • 73 Bellfort Crosstown

Greenbriar at Rice

  • 27/26 Outer/Inner Loop Crosstown


Free with your METRO U Pass. The light rail connects Rice to restaurants, cultural institutions, sports arenas, and shopping districts. The biggest draw is Downtown, just 15 minutes away by train. The historic north end of Downtown is full of restaurants and clubs, all clustered around the Preston station. The Theater District – opera, symphony, ballet, plays, and concerts, as well as restaurants, a pool hall, and the Angelika Film Center – is about six blocks from the same station. Minute Maid Park is six blocks in the other direction.

There are two stations next to campus. The Hermann Park/Rice U station is at the corner of Fannin and Sunset, just across Main street from entrance one. The Hermann Park-Zoo station, a block from entrance three at Fannin and MacGregor is also an option.

Getting to the Airport

Airport Shuttle

A one-way ticket between the Medical Center Holiday Inn and Hobby will cost about $20, with a travel time of about 45 minutes. Medical Center to IAH-Bush will cost a few dollars more and take about an hour. Tickets can be purchased at the hotel’s front desk or at the airport near baggage claim.


A cab is a better choice if you are traveling with several people or want direct service. Houston cabs charge a 75-cent fee, plus a dollar surcharge for late-night trips between 8pm and 6am. In addition, there is a $20 charge one-way between the Medical Center and Hobby, and a $38 charge between Intercontinental and the Medical Center.


METRO is a good choice if you aren’t in a hurry and want to save money. Metro boasts a 30 minute travel time to IAH’s C terminal through their airport direct line that can be boarded from the downtown hub and costs $15. Visit the Metro site for more information. To get to Hobby, board 88 Hobby Airport on the corner of Pierce and Main. Travel time is about an hour. Buses come about every 30 minutes.

http://www.ridemetro.org/ for additional info.

Adoption Centers

Houston Humane Society

14700 Almeda at Riley, (713) 433-6421

Houston SPCA

900 Portway Drive at Portwest, (713) 869-7722


Bank of America

5214 Kirby at South, (713) 535-6500
1020 Holcombe at Main, (713) 790-1000

Chase Bank

6560 Fannin at University, (713) 216-7000
Chase ATM located in Fondren and Ley Student Center.

Compass Bank

2401 University at Morningside, (713) 867-1111


5615 Kirby at Nottingham, (713) 526-1211
7747 Kirby at Main (in Krogers), (713) 285-2123

Wells Fargo

2910 FM 518 Rd., (713) 436-8110
6621 Fannin at Dryden, (713) 797-1851


Ask an upperclassman or your college’s RAs for a recommendation. You can also find listings on dentists.com.

Dry Cleaners

Collegiate Cleaners

2430 Rice Blvd. at Morningside, (713) 523-5887

Regency Cleaners

2503 Rice Blvd. at Kelvin, (713) 524-6941

Rice Cleaners

2366 Rice Blvd. at Chaucer, (713) 522-1345


Bokay-Village Florist

2482 Bolsover St. at Kelvin, (713) 528-4466

Fannin Flower District

4826 Fannin, (713) 520-0038

Flower Corner

2501 W. Holcombe at Kirby, (713) 660-0666

Village Greenery & Flowers

2301 University Blvd. at Greenbriar, (713) 529-4161

Grocery Stores

Central Market

Free food samples every Sunday.
3815 Westheimer at Willowick, (713) 666-9260


Membership required.
3836 Richmond Ave, (832) 325-5850


6011 Kirby at Bolsover, (713) 522-3983
7900 S. Main at Kirby, (713) 660-8934

Diho Market

Chinatown grocery, limited selection.
9280 Bellaire at Kendalia, (713) 988-1881


8130 Kirby at Old Spanish Trail, (713) 666-9260 4200 San Jacinto, (713) 529-0155


Korean grocery.
1049 Gessner off Katy Fwy, (713) 984-2277


7747 Kirby at Main, (713) 661-7175
5130 Buffalo Speedway at Westpark, (713) 661-8305

Randall’s Food and Pharmacy

3131 Holcombe at Ardmore, (713) 349-2150

Sam’s Club

Membership required. Take METRORail to Fannin South Park & Ride stop.
1615 S. Loop W., (713) 769-8599

Super Target

8500 S. Main at Braesmain, (713) 666-0967


6400 Fannin St. #102, (713) 799-2459

Welcome Food Center

Prominent Chinatown grocery.
9180 Bellaire at Ranchester, (713) 270-7789

Whole Foods Market

Free food samples on Sunday.
2955 Kirby at Steel, (713) 520-1937
4004 Bellaire at Wesleyan, (713) 667-4090


Houston Public Library

http://www.houstonlibrary.org/4100 Montrose at W. Main, (713) 284-1958
500 McKinney at Bagby & Smith, (832) 393-1313

Mail Services

Campus Post Office

Hours from 8am to 4pm. Check and cash only.
Entrance 8, University at Stockton
(713) 348-5826

Mail Station Plus

5615 Morningside at Times Blvd, (713) 524-3906
UPS Store
5925 Kirby, (713) 529-4132

US Post Office

4110 Almeda, (713) 522-3720

Medical Services

For after-hours services that you would otherwise receive at Health Services, particularly emergency treatments, you can report to any hospital. St. Luke’s Urgent Care at 2727 Holcombe and Memorial Hermann Hospital Emergency Room at 6411 Fannin have fast track programs for Rice students. Be sure to bring your Rice ID and insurance card.
St. Luke Urgent Care, 2727 Holcombe, (832) 355-7525
Memorial Hermann ER, 6411 Fannin, (713) 704-4000

Pharmacies & Film Processing


6011 Kirby at Bolsover, (713) 522-3983
7900 S. Main at Kirby, (713) 660-8934

Super Target

8500 S. Main at Braesmain, (713) 666-0967


6400 Fannin St. #102, (713) 799-2459

Video & DVD Rental

Blockbuster Video

8001 S. Main, (713) 666-9506


To register, you may request forms from the Voter Registration Department, (713) 224-1919 x2310, at any post office, or at the Office of Student Activities. Deadline for registering is 30 days prior to an election.
Use your Rice address so that you will have the convenience of voting in the student center and won’t have to worry about changing your address when/if you move off campus.

Jury Duty

As a full-time student you are exempt from having to serve as a juror. After receiving a jury duty card in the mail, simply fill out a jury duty exemption form online.

Texas IDs

Full-time students are not required to get a Texas driver’s license if they maintain a valid out-of-state driver’s license, you have 30 days to get a Texas driver’s license. If you are a part-time student, you have 30 days to get a Texas driver’s license. If you have a valid out-of-state license, take your license and Social Security card to one of the locations below and it will take several days to get your new one, so plan accordingly.
If you are from outside the US then you can generally drive for up to a year from the time you arrive if you hold a license from a country that has reciprocity with the US. In order to check for reciprocity agreement status, contact License Issuance at (512) 424-2600 or by email at
If you just need a picture ID, the DPS will issue you a Texas ID card for $24.

Closest DPS locations

12220 S. Gessner, (713) 773-3334
1601 Townhurst, (713) 465-8462
For more information, call (713) 681-6187 or visit the Texas DPS website at